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Frost Protection ❄️ - Crucial Investment for Farmers Supported by Tender 73.10 🌾📈

Frost Protection ❄️ - Crucial Investment for Farmers Supported by Tender 73.10 🌾📈
🌍🌱 Discover how the Qtech Frost Protection System can be crucial in the fight against the challenges brought by climate change and unexpected frosts in agriculture. Investing in advanced frost protection technologies ❄️ not only increases the resistance of crops, but also opens up opportunities for using EU funds through tender 73.10 💰. This blog post explores how modernizing frost protection systems can ensure stable crop yields and quality, making agriculture more sustainable and resilient to climate change 🚜🌿.

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Digital Irrigation 🌱: Key Component for Agricultural Investments 🚜 and Tender 73.10 📈

Digital Irrigation 🌱: Key Component for Agricultural Investments 🚜 and Tender 73.10 📈
Discover the key role of digital irrigation 🌱 in agriculture and how it contributes to success as part of tender 73.10 "Support for investments in primary agricultural production" 📈. Modern systems like Qtech FPS | Frost Protection Systems ❄️ provide farmers with the possibility of precise water control 💧, reducing resource consumption, and increasing efficiency 🚜. With financial support from the EU and national funds 💰, farmers can improve their economy, become more competitive and ensure sustainable development 🌍. Investment in digital irrigation is not only technological progress, but also a key strategy for the future of agriculture 🌟.

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🌻🌾 Digitization in agriculture: Discover the power of "Tear" NFC tags! 🏷️🌻

🌻🌾 Digitization in agriculture: Discover the power of "Tear" NFC tags! 🏷️🌻

The digital revolution is coming to the fields of Croatia! 🌻🤖📱🌻

Hello, hard-working farmers, young enthusiasts and everyone who makes Croatia beautiful and productive! 🙌🌾

As you know, digitization has now become a central part of everyday life. This is no longer just for tech-minded corporations in urban centers, but is increasingly being applied in the agricultural sector as well. It's time to embrace the digital revolution! 📱🚀

Our "Teardrop" NFC tags are adapted for use in agriculture. These small but powerful devices provide an easy way to track and identify your equipment, machinery and even your herd. By scanning the tag with your smartphone, you can quickly get all the necessary information. Whether it is the model of the tractor, the date of the last service or the health status of the livestock, everything is available in the palm of your hand. 🐮🚜💡

But best of all, "Teardrop" NFC tags can be customized to your farm's visual identity. Whether it's your family farm logo or your favorite color, we can incorporate it to make your tags uniquely yours. 🎨🏷️

So, whether you are a young farmer just starting out or you are a hardworking hand who has been in the fields for years, our NFC tags "Tear" are the ideal solution for you. They will not only make managing your farm easier, but also improve the efficiency, productivity and success of your business. 💪🌟

Together, step by step, we can modernize agriculture in Croatia. Let's embrace technology and use it to make our farms more successful, our working hours more efficient, and our future brighter.

Join us on this exciting journey and experience the power of digitization with NFC tags "Tear" ! 🤝🌾

To learn more about NFC tags "Tears" and how you can get them, visit our garden center Agroflora by Gardens in Dubrava , call us or send us an e-mail []. We look forward to working with you! 💌👋


m: +38598421340

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🌱🌻 The biggest secret of a successful farmer: Market 🌻🌱

🌱🌻 The biggest secret of a successful farmer: Market 🌻🌱
As a farmer, you may have noticed that the market plays a key role in determining the success of your farming venture. 🛒🌾 At Qtech Design, we believe in the principle of "Reverse Market" - cultivate the land from the market to your farm. 💡👩‍🌾
1️⃣ Know what the market wants: 🔍📊
The first step to achieving success is understanding the demand of your target market niche. Determine the desired quality and quantity of your products and do your best to meet those expectations. 🥕🍅
2️⃣ Sustainable agricultural practices: 🌍♻️
At Qtech Design, we emphasize the importance of sustainable agriculture. By applying environmentally friendly practices, we contribute to a greener future and create a positive impact on our environment. 🌳🌿
3️⃣ Quality before quantity: ✨🏆
While it is important to meet market demand, never sacrifice the quality of your products. Customers appreciate high-quality, fresh products that are grown with love and care. 🍏🥦
4️⃣ Build a loyal customer base: ❤️🤝
Establishing trust with your customers is the key to long-term success. By consistently delivering exceptional products and services, you will develop a loyal customer base that will support your business for many years. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌟
5️⃣ Adapt and innovate: 🔄🌐
Finally, always be open to change and ready to accept new farming techniques and technologies. Adapting to an ever-changing market and incorporating innovation will keep you ahead of the competition. 🚀🔝
At Qtech Design, we are passionate about providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the world of sustainable agriculture. 🌾💚 Remember, the secret of a successful agricultural business lies in understanding the market and working to meet its requirements. 🎯📈
#QtechDesign #SustainableFarming #MarketInversion #SuccessInAgriculture #KnowYourMarket #EcoFriendlyFarming #QualityProduce #Innovation

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What to expect from a consultant?

What to expect from a consultant?

As a business owner, you may be considering hiring a consultant to help you with a specific project or goal. But what exactly do consulting services involve?

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect from a consultant:

Analysis of your business and available grants: The consultant will closely study your business and operations to determine which grants you are eligible for.

Business advice before selecting a grant: Once the consultant has identified potential grant opportunities, they will provide advice on which ones make the most sense for your business.

Project creation for EU funds: The consultant will then create a project proposal for you, taking into account all the requirements of the grant program.

Creating a business plan: In order for your project to be approved, you will need to have a detailed business plan. A consultant can help you create this plan.

Submitting the project to the appropriate authority: Once the project is completed, the consultant will submit it to the appropriate granting authority.

Grant status tracking and reporting: A consultant will monitor the progress of your application and provide updates as needed.

Consultation during the procurement process: If you are awarded a grant, a consultant can provide you with guidance on how to best use the funds.

Making a request for payment: Upon completion of work on the project, the consultant will prepare all necessary documentation for compensation.

Periodic reports on project progress against grant requests: The consultant will provide regular reports on the status of the project, ensuring that it is progressing as planned.

Preparation of the final project report: Upon completion of the project, the consultant will prepare a final report documenting all aspects of the work.

When working with a consultant, you will sign an internal contract in which all obligations and responsibilities on both sides are clearly stated. This contract will determine the tasks, deadlines and price of the services provided.

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