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QTech Design presents revolutionary Agro Projects for the fall of 2023

In the era of technological progress, agriculture is a sector that is constantly evolving and transforming. Leading the way in this transformation is QTech Design, an innovative company that is ready to present its revolutionary Agro Projects for the fall of 2023.

These projects, aimed at solving some of the biggest challenges facing farmers, will use the latest technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of farms. Among all these innovative projects, one stands out in particular: Frost protection system for peach, apricot and nectarine plantations.

Mix Agro

Developed in cooperation with the agricultural trade MIKS AGRO, this system will provide farmers with effective protection of their plantations from the harmful effects of frost. Using the latest technologies and adapted to European standards, this system represents a big step forward in the fight against climate challenges and ensuring quality production.

This project was financed through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, through the tender Submeasure 4.1. "Support for investments in agricultural holdings". The goal is to restructure, modernize and increase the competitiveness of agricultural holdings, including the establishment of new and/or restructuring of existing perennial plantations.

But this is just the beginning. In addition to the Frost Protection System, QTech Design plans to present a number of other innovative solutions aimed at transforming agriculture.

The fall of 2023 will be an exciting time for farmers who will have the opportunity to take advantage of these revolutionary systems. With QTech Design at the helm, the future of agriculture has never looked brighter.

Join us in this exciting new phase of agriculture and stay up-to-date on the revolutionary Agro projects that QTech Design is bringing in the fall of 2023. Together, we can reshape agriculture for a better, more sustainable future.

he project involves the construction of a frost protection system for a 24.3-hectare orchard, including the installation of emitters and a distribution network, to safeguard the crops from frost damage. The system will be supplied with water from a public irrigation system, ensuring a sufficient flow rate of 270 m3/h for effective frost protection