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Croatian Forests Kutina | Clone plantation of wild cherry

As part of Croatian forests There are several clone plantations that produce forest tree seeds, and among them is the seed clone plantation of wild cherries in the forest area. Polojac - Šartovac, nearby Kutine. The owner of the clone plantation is Hrvatske šume, Forest Administration Zagreb, Šumarija Kutina.

Qtech design has been hired to implement a pilot project of an antifrost system on 360 m2 of wild cherry in the most unfavorable location within the microclimate of plantations. The pilot project defined the input parameters required for the development of a technological project for the reconstruction of a permanent plantation using a frost protection system (antifrost system). 


Antifrost sustav trešnja -5°C

The system in Kutina protected wild cherries at -5 ° C with a rainfall intensity of 2.8 mm / m2 / h of water. The maximum flow of the system was 1 m3 / h, which maintained a pressure of 0.5 bar on the pulsator throughout the night with the help of a free-fall water tank. The accumulation required for one day of protection was 15 m3 / h of water, and at low supply levels it was replenished from the accumulation lake by means of a pump to replenish the reservoir located at the highest point of the orchard. Energy consumption was 1.5 kW / h, which was spent on the operation of the pump to replenish the water tank. 

Within the microlocation of the system, one agrometeorological station was installed with equipment for meteorological monitoring and systemic monitoring of pressure within the water supply system (antifrost system and drip irrigation system). The agrometeorological station covers the microclimate within 3 hectares of plantations. 


Antifrost sustav loš primjer bijelog leda


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