🌱 Revofrez - Your sustainable solution for lawn preparation and sowing 🌱

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🌱 Revofrez - Your sustainable solution for lawn preparation and sowing 🌱

From the Agroflora company comes an innovative machine for soil preparation and grass sowing, Revofrez , designed to make the sowing process as easy as possible and improve it. 🚜🌾

Revofrez uses a reversible tiller for soil preparation. This procedure penetrates deep into the soil, pushes the stones below the surface, and passes the fine soil through a sieve and lays it on top of the buried stones. The result is perfectly prepared, level soil, ready for sowing. This procedure not only improves the appearance, but also the health and productivity of the lawn. 🔄🪨

But we don't just stop at preparation - the Revofrez also offers the option of sowing grass in the same pass, which saves you time and energy. 🕒🌿

We offer calculation of works per m2, while mobilization is charged as a separate item that depends on the location of the works. 💵🗺️

Whether you are a construction company looking to add a final, professional look to your projects, or a farmer looking to improve the productivity of your crops, Revofrez is the right choice for you. 🏡🏢

With Revofrez, create breathtaking lawns, saving time and money. 🕰️💰🍃

Agroflora - Innovation in favor of nature. 🌳🌍

1. Revofrez - Professional Soil Preparation 🚜🌍

From Agroflora comes our expert soil preparation service - perfect for creating fertile, even soil for sowing grass or any other crop.

Our Revofrez machine uses a reversible tiller that works deep into the soil, moving stones below the surface and creating a fine, fine soil ideal for seeding. This process ensures healthier, richer soil that will allow your plants to thrive. 🌾

Ideal for construction companies, farmers or large property owners looking for a professional soil preparation solution. Improve the appearance and health of your lawns with Revofreza! 🏡

2. Revofrez - Complete Preparation and Sowing of Grass 🚜🌱

We offer you our premium service - a combination of soil preparation and grass sowing, all in one pass.

Our Revofrez machine, in addition to soil preparation, also offers the option of sowing grass, allowing you to save time and energy. This unique process ensures even sowing and better conditions for the growth of your lawn. 🍀

This service is ideal for those who want a complete, worry-free solution to creating impressive lawns. Suitable for construction companies, farmers, or any large landscape project. With Revofreza, creating stunning lawns has never been easier! 🌿🏞️