🔬🌱 QTech Dositec Electromagnetic Dosing Pump and WTRtec Red pH Controller: Your Key for Precise Regulation of pH Values ​​in your production! 🏡💧

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💧🌿 Dositec Electromagnetic dosing pump and WTRtec Red pH controller: Your key to precise dosing and pH control in direct water flow 🌿💧

This tool kit, which includes the Dositec Electromagnetic Dosing Pump and the WTRtec Red pH Controller, is designed to enable precise dosing and pH control in direct water flow. 🌊💦

🔵 Dositec Electromagnetic Dosing Pump: This pump with PTFE diaphragm and PVDF cylinder has manual regulation and analog control via 4-20mA signal. With a nominal flow rate of 2.5 l/h and a maximum pressure of 10 bar, this pump enables precise dosing. It is equipped with ceramic double ball valves 4x6 mm, a manual self-flushing valve and an inlet for a level switch. The package comes with a suction valve and a filter in PP, an injection valve in PP and suction and injection hoses 4x6 mm 1.5 m. 💧🔧📏

🔴 WTRtec Red pH Controller: This pH sensor with 5m connection cable and 3/4 adapter enables precise pH control in your water flow. The gel-filled electrode with an epoxy body can withstand a maximum pressure of 10 bar. ⚗️🎚️🌡️

🔵 Flowmeter Burkert M12: Flowmeter enables flow measurement from 0.3-7.0 m/s. It comes with a 5m M12 connection cable. The maximum pressure it can withstand is 7 bar. 🌊📊🔄

By using this system, you can ensure optimal water balance in your system, increasing the efficiency and longevity of your irrigation system. 💧🌿👍

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The Qtech Dositec Electromagnetic Dosing Pump and the WTRtec Red pH Controller are extremely important tools in any water management system. Proper use of these devices can result in optimal pH control, which is critical to the health and growth of your plants.

It is best to use this equipment with regular monitoring and adjustment to ensure accuracy and consistency. Make sure you always check the pH of the water and adjust the acid dosage as needed. Also, regularly maintain your equipment to ensure long-term reliability and accuracy.

These devices provide precise dosing and control, but you still depend on regular monitoring and maintenance to remain effective. Equipment is only one part of the overall water management system - it's also important to understand how various factors such as water quality, temperature and water flow can affect pH.

With proper use and maintenance, the Qtech Dositec Electromagnetic Metering Pump and WTRtec Red pH Controller can provide you with reliable and precise control over your water management system, helping you maintain optimal conditions for the growth and health of your plants.