Bermad water valve with pressure regulator and automatic control

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We present to you our latest innovation in the field of ventilation for irrigation - BERMAD water valve with pressure regulator and automatic control!

This valve is designed to provide optimal irrigation of your field or garden, without the need for manual control or constant checking of the water flow. It is equipped with a pressure regulator that ensures a constant water pressure, regardless of variations in the water supply or flow rate.

Automatic control allows the valve to operate independently, opening and closing according to a set schedule or according to irrigation needs. This means that you do not have to be constantly present to monitor your irrigation, but you can save time and effort.

Our BERMAD water valve is also equipped with additional safety features that provide reliability and safety in use. It is equipped with a switch that protects the actuator from overload, and also has the function of automatic closing in case of pressure drop.

The product is made of the highest quality materials in order to provide you with durability and reliability in use. Our BERMAD valve is easy to install and use, and is compatible with most irrigation systems.

With the BERMAD water valve with pressure regulator and automatic control, you can be sure that you will get a high-quality product that will provide you with optimal irrigation and save you time and effort. Choose the BERMAD valve and enjoy automated irrigation of your crops!

Line pressure driven, hydraulically operated (on/off)
Protects downstream systems
It opens completely when the pressure in the pipeline drops
3ֺֺ-way integrated pilot – easy-to-use design
Adjustment knob and high-resolution scale for easy calibration without a pressure gauge
Solenoid control is easily added or removed
Uniquely fits all sizes up to 3”
Engineering plastic valve with industrial design
Adaptable on site to a wide range of sizes and types of end connections
Very durable, resistant to chemicals and cavitation
hֺֺYflow 'Y' valve body with "Look Through" design
Ultra-high flow capacity at low pressure loss
Unitized flexible super travel diaphragm with guided plug
Accurate and stable regulation with smooth closing
Requires low actuation pressure
Prevents erosion and distortion of the diaphragm