PIP pulsator 2.0

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The pulsating PIP 2.0 sprayer kit is the best ratio of water energy consumption and rainfall efficiency on the protected surface of the frost protection system. The sprayer has a rainfall range of 5 meters at a pressure of 1 bar (water column 10 m). Uniform water flow in the range of 1-4 bar (water column 10-40m). The PIP pulsator 2.0 kit comes with:

  • self-compensating knob for even rain flow
  • flexible hose resistant to low temperatures
  • manual valve for fine flow adjustment
  • UV stable pulsator holder 
  • two UV stable ties
  • PIP pulsator 2.0
  • suitable Gyronet sprayer 

Pulsating sprayer PIP 2.0 ensures a constant rainfall intensity in the range of 1.2-2.0 mm / m2 / h (depending on the installation microlocation and the design of the frost protection system, a grid on which pulsators are placed is defined).