Spring commissioning of the well

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Wells are a key element in an agricultural irrigation system, and proper maintenance and commissioning of wells in the spring can significantly increase the efficiency of your irrigation system.

After the inspection, our experts will prepare the well for operation, including removing deposits and dirt, verifying compliance with safety regulations and restoring the wellhead. In addition, our experts will provide advice on maintaining and improving your irrigation system.

We also have in our offer  Solem modules - innovative and intelligent devices for managing irrigation systems. Solem modules enable the sequential ignition of wells, control over the city's water supply and optimize the operation of the irrigation system.
To ensure optimal operation of your irrigation system, we use i With a weather station that sends data on the working pressure of the system every 3 minutes. In this way, we have insight into the current state of the system and can react in a timely manner in case of any problems or irregularities.

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