Spring commissioning of the system

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Enjoy the safety and productivity of your orchard or agricultural production with our spring commissioning service. The frost protection system, which is based on the water anomaly, makes it possible to maintain the optimal temperature of the flower and the young fruit, thus preventing crop loss and improving the quality of the fruit.

Our service allows you to start the system at least an hour before the expected frost, thus ensuring the creation of a microclimate with 100% relative air humidity and preventing heat loss through evaporation. Our protection technology, which is based on pulsating sprinklers with a flow rate of 37 liters per hour, saves energy and is completely safe for the environment.

With our service, you can be sure that your frost protection system will be reliable, efficient and cost-effective. This service is ideal for all situations where it is difficult to predict weather conditions or when you cannot be sure whether there will be frost or not. The system can also be used in summer to cool the orchard and increase the quality of the fruit.

Reliable and fast start-up of frost protection systems in agriculture is just one call away. Contact us today and let us help you ensure a successful and productive farming season.