Technology project Anti-hail net

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The technological project of the anti-hail network contains a description of the investment, technical-technological and production process, graphic part and type of investment (raising and equipping a new perennial plantation and / or restructuring and equipping the existing perennial plantation), description and presentation of the planned location of orchards. names, varieties, rootstocks) of the fruit to which the investment relates, planting material, area of plantations to which the investment relates, analysis and soil preparation, cultivation conditions (climate, soil, position, water needs, nutrients, etc.), age plantations, cultivation system, method of maintenance and care, description and technical characteristics of individual systems and equipment of perennial plantations.

The technical part of the project includes the calculation of the load-bearing structure required for the stability of the hail protection system, defining the necessary poles, cables and nets (shaft size, color), selection of the most economically advantageous hail protection system. This project also includes the preparation of cost estimates necessary for the procurement, construction, training and commissioning of anti-hail defense systems. As a contribution to the anti-hail network project, a draft of the existing condition and future hail protection solution with all the necessary staking points for easy installation of the system is submitted.

The technological project was prepared and certified / signed by an expert in the field of agronomy and technical sciences, it refers to the user and the anti-hail network system at the location of the user's investment.

Calculation per m2 of planned area protected by anti-hail net