TRAINER - Fertilizer with 100% vegetable amino acids

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TRAINER - Fertilizer with 100% vegetable amino acids


TRAINER is an innovative product formulated 100% as organic, based on plant (L) amino acids and peptides. It is produced from plant proteins (innovative LISIVEG technology) and contains the most commonly used amino acids in the biosynthetic processes of plants, in the most effective and optimal ratios.

TRAINER it is quickly absorbed through the leaf and moved to other plant tissues. It works in the plant already several hours after application. When the plant is in a state of stress, it is difficult to synthesize growth factors: the application of amino acids and peptides enables it to save considerable energy for recovery and restores optimal condition for development.

  • ANTI-STRESS EFFECT: Helps plants in stressful situations of any nature (high and low temperatures, drought, lack of light, hail damage, etc.)
  • PHYTOSTIMULATOR EFFECT: It promotes plant development in the most sensitive phases (growth, formation and fattening of fruits, etc.).
  • DOPRINOS ISHRANI: It is ideal as a supplement to traditional fertilizing, as it achieves high yields and the best quality. Such results are achieved thanks to the content of numerous bioactive substances (amino acids, vitamins...) that have a favorable effect on photosynthesis and physiological processes in the plant.


TRAINER is exclusively of plant origin (remains of animal origin are not used) and does not contain residues of antibiotics, heavy metals (chromium, lead, mercury, etc.), chlorine and other impurities harmful to plants and humans.


TRAINER can be mixed with most fertilizers and plant protection products available on the market. It is recommended to check the possibility of mixing with other products in small tests before application.


PACKAGING - plastic bottles and containers of 1l, 5l, 20l.

Composition, percentage, pH, specific gravity
COMPOSITION %, pH, spec. weight.
Plant amino acids and peptides 31%
Organic matter 35,50%
Organic nitrogen (N) 5,00%
Specific gravity 1,18 kg/l
pH 4,4


Alanin 4,00%
arginine 7,00%
Aspartic acid 11,70%
Cistein 1,00%
Glutamic acid 18,00%
Glycine 4,50%
histidine 2,80%
Isoleucine 4,80%
Leucine 8,00%
Lysine 6,00%
Methionine 1,50%
Phenylalanyl 5,20%
Proline 5,10%
Cool 5,50%
threonine 4,10%
Tryptophan 1,20%
Tyrosine 3,90%
Answer 5.1 %


 High proportion of aspartic and glutamic acid provides a strong and direct effect on plant development. The presence of tryptophan, fundamental for the synthesis of plant hormones, is proof that Trainer production technology respects the nature of amino acids to the maximum.

Vinova loza 1°: before flowering;
2°: after flowering;
3°: closure of bunches
1-3 l/ha Better fertilization, resistance to stress, higher amount of sugar
Table grapes 1°: flowers in clusters separated;
2°: before flowering;
3°: after flowering and after 15 days
2-3 l/ha Berries of uniform size and better coloring, bunch of oblong shape
Apple, pear 1°: before flowering;
2°, 3°, 4°: after flowering; every 15 days
1-3.5 l/ha Uniform size and better coloring of fruits
Stone fruit trees
(apricot, cherry)
1°, 2°, 3°: after flowering; every 10-15 days 1-3.5 l/ha Better fruit setting, less fruit drop, bigger fruits, better fruit color
Actinidia 1°: appearance of the first leaves;
2°, 3°: after fertilization;
4°, 5°, 6°: from a fruit the size of a walnut every 15 days
1-3 l/ha Less sensitivity to low temperatures, better fertilization, bigger fruits
Olive 1°: after flowering;
2-3 times in 15 days
1-3 l/ha Greater yield, greater resistance to stressful climatic situations
Citrus fruits 1°: beginning of flowering;
2°, 3°, 4°: applications from fruit thickening onwards every 15 days.
2.5-3 l/ha Larger dimensions and uniform fruit size
Strawberry 1°, 2°: applications - 15 days after transplanting;
3°, 4°: from the beginning of flowering every 15 days
1.5-2.5 l/ha Better rooting and development of the plant, formation of more buds, resistance to thermal stress
Watermelon, melon 1°, 2°: 15 days after transplanting;
3°, 4°, 5°: applications from fruit thickening every 10-15 days
2-2.5 l/ha Better rooting, better fruit development and earlier ripening
Leafy vegetables From the stage of 4-6 leaves every 8 days 1.5-2.5 l/ha More intense coloring, higher yields and resistance to thermal stress
Fruity vegetables 1°, 2°: 15 days after transplanting;
3°, 4°, 5°: during fruit growth every 10-15 days
1.5-2.5 l/ha Resistance to stress, firmer fruits, less colored fruits
(soja, grah)
1°: beginning of flowering;
2°: 10-15 days after the 1st application
3-4 l/ha Increased productivity and resistance to climatic stresses
Smoking 1°, 2°, 3°: start application 20 days after transplanting; repeat every 10 to 15 days 2.5-5 l/ha Uniform plant growth and resistance to stress
Cereals In cases of uneven growth and stunted growth 4-6 l/ha Better plant development and higher protein content in the grain