Qtech | Shower Frost protection kit

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Qtech | The shower set is the best ratio of water energy consumption and rainfall efficiency on the protected surface of the frost protection system for localized protection. The sprayer has a rainfall diameter of 3 meters at a pressure of 1 bar in the system. Uniform water flow in the range of 1-4 bar.

Qtech | Shower set contains: 

 - Shower sprayer 35 liters / hour of water

 - Flexible hose 4 meters resistant to low temperatures (made of recycled rubber)

 - Manual valve for fine flow adjustment

 - Jigger flow regulator for connection to the main pipe 


One Qtech | The shower set is used to protect one fruit tree approx. 3 m3


It can be used to protect small home orchards or large industrial orchards. 


* Includes a hand-held hand drill and instructions for use